About Eco Home

Master’s Degree in Political Science from Nepal University, gold medalist of the year
1983, hotel management trained by Salzburg Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Austria, born in Patan, working for 19 years as a manager in an A-class travel agency owned resort in Nagarkot and now running Eco Home :
Semanta Sunder Pokhrel


Anita Schmitz from Mainz, Germany, working as a management teacher in a German
Government High School for 35 years,

decided to make a home for our dear guests to stay comfortably and smilingly, that
is Eco-Home.

Life is beautiful, keep smiling!

  • Giving roofs and shelter to families
  • Providing a drinking water tank to Karipati village
  • Giving sewing machines to start a cooperative sewing group
  • Goats for mothers as an income source
  • Solar lights for poor families
  • Gathering of our sponsor children in Eco Home