Earthquake review May 2015 in Tripadvisor

“Letter of thanks and appreciation to Eco Home”
 Reviewed May 2, 2015

We would like to sincerely thank Resort Eco Home and highly recommend it as a warm, hospitable, safe place to stay; it is one of the few hotels in Nagarkok undamaged by the April 2015 earthquake.

We would like to express our appreciation of owners Semanta and Anita and staff Pasang of Eco Home. We stayed at Eco Home when the earthquake hit. Unlike other hotels in Nagarkot that unfortunately were damaged, Resort Eco Home survived and was our safe haven. Semanta and Anita were warm and considerate and tried to keep our spirits up despite the uncertain and precarious situation we were all in.

Despite the tremendous roar of the quake and the rattles from all the buildings, the whole of Eco Home withstood the earthquake very well whereas others sadly cracked or fell. The hotel is solidly built; above the minimum engineering standards. You can see for yourself that the pillars and beams are above average thickness and the construction made with care and materials selected for quality. Semanta recounted that starting Eco Home is something you do only once in your life and you should make sure that no corners are cut. The hotel is also securely recessed into the hillside and low lying; it does not hang over the edge of the hill or road. Semanta, your foresight and sensibility paid off.

Having gone through that alarming experience that first night we were wary of aftershocks and like everyone else, both travelers and locals, stayed outside on safe open high ground accessible from the rooftop. Pasang went home to check on his family. His own home was destroyed but he came back to check on us the next morning and made us food from whatever he could find in the kitchen despite the danger of aftershocks.

Semanta and Anita arrived later that day as they were stuck in Baktapur when the quake hit. They shared any food that they had brought with them, some packets of instant noodles and fruit that they could find along the way. When we were offered our meals we also asked if they had eaten or would eat as well. They also shared supplies for Pasang to take home. Semanta said that they would keep us company wherever we wanted to sleep, either outside or inside. As it rained the second night we slept in the stairway leading up and outside to the hillside. They let us take the spot closer to outside while they took a space further down nearby.

When the situation in Kathmandu was more clear we left for the airport on the third day after the quake and Pasang walked with us to find a car but I discovered later that I had dropped my mobile phone in the car of the villager who agreed to take us. When I was able to contact Eco home to inform them, without hesitation Semanta and Pasang made an effort to find the driver to retrieve the phone for me. Though I had departed Nepal, over the next days they diligently followed the trail for me because they knew of the personal importance of the phone to me. After making a 45 minute hike to the driver’s village they were able to retrieve it.

When the quake hit Eco Home did not close its doors to us and ask us to fend for ourselves. No compensation was asked for our overstay. We left money we had on hand for Semanta and Anita to use to contribute to the support of their staff and local community.

Please know that Eco Home is one of the few safe and secure places in Nagarkot that we know of firsthand. Solid and secure in foundation and with warm and considerate friends inside—a great choice and place to return to many times.

S. Jotisalikorn and N. Chamsuwan

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